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Digital Signal Processing

Interested in making your daily driver sound better? 

We can do that! DSP is the future and we can provide this amazing, breathtaking experience for you.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the future and a game-changing technology for car stereo enthusiasts as it provides unparalleled control over the audio output in a vehicle. Unlike traditional analog signal processing, DSP allows for precise adjustment of sound parameters such as frequency response, time alignment, and equalization. This level of control allows for a truly customized listening experience, tailored to individual preferences and the acoustic properties of a particular vehicle. DSP can compensate for the inherent limitations of a car's audio system, such as road noise, speaker placement, and vehicle design, resulting in an improved overall sound quality. With DSP, users can fine-tune their audio settings and create a personalized listening environment, regardless of the make and model of their car or the quality of their speakers. In summary, DSP is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve optimal sound quality in their car stereo system

Not happy with your DSP tune from another store?

We can re-tune & re-configure your stereo for the better!

The most common DSP Processors we install are from Audison. Audison offers THE HIGHEST FORM of state of the art technology in OEM integration. OEM integration is interfacing our named brand product into your factory sound system. This process lets us make your factory radio/head unit sound better! Audison's OEM integration capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. They have the capability to fix and correct any improper sound curve that is delivered in any car today. Factory phase manipulation & factory delay are some of the things that current sound systems have these days that can ruin a good sound experience. Audison DSP products have the tools that give us the ability to correct all those problems, and lets us make your vehicle sound amazing! 

Here are some examples of DSP Processors that we work with.

From left to right we have:

Alpine PXE-0850S, Audison Forza, JL Audio Fix & TWK

They differ per application, so we will choose the right one to fit your needs

Here are a couple of screenshots from we see when setting up your system with DSP.

Should be noted that these are not actual screen shots from our shop, but just to show you what we work with and have fun with