Car Stereo, Done Honest


· If I bring in my own stereo or equipment, will AUBURN CAR TUNES still put it in?

        Yes we will! We are happy to put in your equipment. We are not responsible for any damaged or broken equipment. We offer a 1yr warranty on our labor when installing your equipment. Prices and installation may vary depending on vehicle and application.

· Do you match prices?

        Yes we definitely match prices! We take pride in matching prices. That’s why our sales are entitled “Price Patrol.” We want you to stay in town and not have to drive down the hill. Why waste gas? We match prices to any authorized direct retailer of each brand. We make an effort to match Internet pricing, but cannot guarantee it. Buying product online can be risky. Most of the time, if you do not buy from an authorized online retailer you will not get a warranty. We offer a warranty with everything we sell because we are an authorized retailer of all of the products we carry. Also, everything we sell is new unless specified upfront.

· I hooked up my subwoofers in my car and now I have engine noise. There is a buzzing sound that goes up/down with my RPM’s. What is wrong?

        There could be many things that need to be changed. Lets start with the ground wire. How is the amp grounded? Or more importantly, what is it grounded to? A correct ground is making the ground wire as short as possible. The correct placement is the most important part. You want to use a ring terminal when fastening it to the body of the vehicle. Shave away the paint using steel wool or a wire brush. Do this on the body of the vehicle in the trunk and/or under the carpet. Don’t bolt it to a bracket that’s off of the floor. Fasten it to the floor/body of the vehicle using simply a self-tapping stainless screw with a lock washer. 

The next common thing that could be changed is how you ran your wire. Your RCA/signal wire should not be next to your power wire when run through your vehicle. The best solution is to run the power wire down the same side your battery is on, then run the rest of the wire down the other side. This makes your power wire running adventure simpler and less stressful. You’re not having to decide where to run the wire.

Along with these simple fixable problems there could be others. If we have not answered your question here, please feel free to call us.

· I just bought this car and there is no place to plug in my ipod! I don’t want to change out the radio, so is it still possible?

        Yes you can! Most cars these days have an input in the back that can be used or made into an input for an ipod or any other type of music device. Prices range greatly so please call for pricing and availability. If we don’t have a company that offers a direct plug-in piece, we also offer an FM-Modulated input. (See our “iPod your car” page for further details). We offer many types of inputs and “ends” or plugs for phones or devices. Call for details and availability. We are very knowledgeable and get you the right setup for YOU.

· Do I have to change out my stereo? Or can I have the one I already have repaired?

        You can definitely have your existing stereo repaired! We can repair just about any factory stereo….that is fairly current. I cannot state a price as the price varies so much between vehicles and repairs, but the majority of repairs range from $100 up to $600. Some can be less and some can be more. It totally depends on the problem with the product and availability of parts. Repairs come back within 30 days generally. We can repair multi-disc (6 disc) in dash players, and single CD players, DVD Players, and quite a few others as well.