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Digital Signal Processing

Interested in making your daily driver sound better? 

We can do that! DSP is the future and we can provide this amazing, breathtaking experience for you.

DSP or Digital Signal Processing is a life changing experience.  We can make your system sound amazing! When it's done correctly, the bass is blended, in phase, and smooth & not over bearing. The mid-highs & mid range are smooth and natural and vibrant. You will hear instruments you never heard before, and enjoy every type of music genre with total accuracy. There is an astounding difference with DSP in comparison to anything you've heard before. Mid vocal should come from the center of the dash, like a center channel, as if you're sitting in a theater. This comes into play on many occasions: Listen to talk radio? This is perfect for you, the vocal is cleaned up, accurate, and not bass heavy or muddy. They will talk out of the center of the dash and not off to one side. When you switch to music, that carries over and vocal is still in the center, accurate, and smooth. It's a much better experience. Very expensive cars like Audi, Lexus, Mercedes and some others come from the factory like this, but it's not totally perfect. Why pay 6 figures to get that kind of sound? We can give you that accuracy and sound quality for far less!

Yes, we can make your Dodge Ram or Ford SuperDuty sound THAT good.

The best part about DSP is we're able to do it with an factory head unit. We understand that most newer vehicles come with all the features you want, they just don't sound good. We can definitely fix that for you!

DSP can change dramatically per vehicle or application, so there are quite a few options for channels and brands. We take care of all that for you, so you're only simple decision is what speakers you want, and how much control you want over the system. We explain everything when going over all this with you. The overall process of doing DSP is difficult, but your decisions to make it happen are not. We just want to give you the best experience possible in your car. Why not right? You do spend a lot of time in your car, why not make it the most enjoyable experience might help take your mind off the terrible traffic.

Take your ears and your mind on an adventure with your favorite music where the instruments tell the story.

Here are some examples of DSP Processors that we work with.

From left to right we have:

Alpine PXE-0850S, Audison Forza, JL Audio Fix & TWK

They differ per application, so we will choose the right one to fit your needs

Here are a couple of screenshots from we see when setting up your system with DSP.

Should be noted that these are not actual screen shots from our shop, but just to show you what we work with and have fun with